Ahoy! Welcome to shore,

You washed up on the Island of this no bullshit 33-year old.
In short: I work with lots of different people (artists, professionals, students),
who I help a great deal with moving forward.

But in less professional words you could say I’m a terrible sucker for trying new things, with an unhealthy appetite for fixing problems that aren’t mine and thus am terrible at staying in my lane.

If name dropping does it for you, head over to ‘Who am I?’ on the left.
Oh, I also have the habit of writing. Like reading? Try: ‘Want to read?’
While you’re here you might notice this is a bilingual Island.
I’m sure you will find whatever you are looking for in either Dutch or English.

We will probably meet soon, the Island is not that big.
Need me now? +31612199242 / mail (a) annaoosterling.com

šŸ“Scheveningen, the Netherlands

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