Ahoy! Welcome to shore,

I work with people (young, old & bold) who don’t like to do as they’re told.

You washed up on the Island of this no bullshit
34-year old. Unprofessionally: I’m a terrible sucker for trying new things, with an unhealthy appetite for fixing problems that aren’t mine and thus am terrible at staying in my lane.

We will probably meet soon, the Island is not that big. Need me now? +31612199242 / mail (a) annaoosterling.com

In Dutch my type of person would be described as ‘niet voor één gat te vangen’ which loosely translated means something like: resourceful, persistent people who know a solution for everything. It’s hard to pin them down. Looking at the projects I’ve taken up these last couple of years you can definitely see this tendency. I guess that’s how it goes when you see the world as an interconnected and interdependent playground.

Did you know I wrote and published a bilingual children’s book about a surfer girl?

Now way, show me!

Photo credits: Sophie Schra