Riddle me this: ‘What are we?’



“Dude! What the..!”
“Wake up! Someones coming.”
“For real?!”
“Yea yea, just keep it down. Don’t wake the others.”
“You think this will be it?”
“Pfff, it needs to be or I’m gone with the wind.”
“Oh man, I hope it’s a kid and we’ll go together.”
“Dave, I like you, you know that. You’re my best friend. But if I can go with Walter…”
“Are you still on this?”
“Hell yeah, have you smelled him?!”
“There’s no way around his smell…”
“Right! He must be HUGE”
“I’m sure he is.”
“Ugh, every night I dream of moving downwind with him and settling down together”
“Oh don’t remind me! You dream out loud, remember?”
“Now shut it and focus. It’s getting closer.”

“Are you hearing what I’m hearing?!”
“Definitely a positive on two adults and a kid.”
“Dave. I think it’s two kids… Wait… Yes, yes… TWO KIDS!”
“SHIT! You’re right! And they’re running! This could be it! It must be it!”
“Oh man. I am dying to move on my own”
“I know! So many springs wasted.”
“And with all those humans in lockdown…”
“Right, right. No kids playing outside.”
“But a change is coming my friend!”
“Yes I can feel it!”
“Wow, that change is actually coming real close now!”
“I love you man! It’s been a pleasure!
“Dave, you know what. I take it back. I don’t really need Walter. It would be amazing to move downwind with you.”



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